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The orange package achievements


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The Orange Box Walkthrough Please note that the facts below reflect the time and playthroughs expected to get all the Achievements in this walkthrough. Aug 20,  · achievements guide device computer software – – orange box/ – standalone/mac – computer and mac guide version Author: Arkena. The Orange package features 99 achievements worth gamerscore. View all the accomplishments, online game information, development and guides here.


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The Orange container features 99 achievements well worth gamerscore. View all the accomplishments, game information, report and guides here. The Orange Box Walkthrough take note that the main points below mirror the time and playthroughs required to get all the accomplishments in this walkthrough. 37 rows · The Orange container has actually 99 accomplishments. On its Xbox launch, the collection contained .
The Orange Package Walkthrough
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The Orange Package Walkthrough

On its Xbox launch, The Orange container obtained 99 achievements [1] across all five games on the disc, worth gamerscore points. The PlayStation 3 variation does not have any equivalent trophies.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Register don’t possess a merchant account? Begin a Wiki. Can you such as this movie? Play Sound. Guidelines : When Gordon gets the Gravity Gun he must make use of it to get things and kill 30 enemies with it the Gravity Gun must be used for any fatal blow to count.

Area : Any Half-Life 2 game. Plant one in an enemy’s course so that it triggers to kill them. The accomplishment will likely not unlock when the mine is thrown right like a grenade; it should be planted then tripped. Guidelines : Gordon must get a Manhack because of the Gravity Gun and employ it to eliminate an enemy, either tossed as a projectile or held as a melee weapon.

The achievement is collective; it’s not essential to eliminate five enemies utilizing just one Manhack. Instructions : When a Combine soldier tosses a grenade at Gordon, he must grab it with all the Gravity Gun and fling it straight back.

The original thrower must certanly be caught during the blast for the success to unlock. Instructions : utilizing the alt fire on the AR2 Pulse Rifle , or making use of the Gravity Gun to manage one of the many energy balls found in the Citadel or one fired at him by an Overwatch Elite , this feat can be achieved by firing into a narrow location with 5 or more Combine troops and letting it bounce around, killing all of them. You can easily capture and fire the exact same baseball numerous times.

Instructions : Elite Soldiers will often fire a power basketball at Gordon. Whenever one does, Gordon must catch it because of the Gravity Gun and fling it straight back. The precise Elite Soldier whom fired the Energy Ball must certanly be disintegrated to ensure that the achievement to unlock. Instructions : whenever instructed by a Civil coverage officer to get the soft drink can and place it within the garbage, Gordon need to do while he is told and get rid of the can. Place : Half-Life 2 , chapter 1: Point Insertion.

Instructions : whenever instructed by a municipal Protection officer to grab the soda can and put it in the trash, Gordon must put the will at him alternatively. Instructions : Story -related. Place : Half-Life 2 , chapter : [[]]. Instructions : If Gordon uses the mini teleporter continuously, it is going to break. Piling multiple objects on both finishes or wanting to teleport one big item might achieve this more rapidly.

Guidelines : Story-related. Instructions : within the sewers Gordon comes to a downward ramp. An explosive barrel will undoubtedly be at the very top. Gordon should move or throw the barrel down in order for it really is found by one of the five barnacles in the bottom. If Gordon shoots the barrel since it nears the most truly effective, it will probably ignite and detonate soon thereafter, killing the barnacles. Location : Half-Life 2 , chapter 3: Route Kanal. Area : Half-Life 2 , chapter 4: Water Hazard.

Directions : Story-related supervisor fight. Directions : Gordon simply has to meet the All-Knowing Vortigaunt in his cave-in a drain nearby the end associated with part.

Detailed guidelines for finding him take their web page. Guidelines : whilst in the scrapyard where Gordon very first receives the Gravity Gun, the face-plate can be seen on a ledge next to the airlock leading back to the power-plant. Gordon may need to utilize some crates and other what to manage to reach the ledge. As soon as he’s spotted the plate, the achievement will unlock. On celebration, the accomplishment can unlock when you go into the location.

Directions : When Dog’s “ball” is available, Gordon has to choose it aided by the Gravity Gun and effectively shoot it via the big basketball hoop from the far wall surface of the scrapyard. An eco-friendly light in the hoop will suggest success. It really is really worth noting that the basketball only has to feed the hoop, plus it does not make a difference whether it is from the top or bottom. People may find it much easier to capture the ball up rather. Directions : Gordon must exclusively make use of the Gravity Gun — he might maybe not utilize every other weapon—throughout the Ravenholm chapter.

If Gordon even swings their crowbar or fires a single shot from other weapon inside the stock, regardless of whether he hits a target, the success is voided. If successful, the achievement will unlock as soon as Gordon exits the mines into the railyard. Guidelines : Unlocked whenever Gordon makes use of the electromagnet shipping crane to kill 3 Combine soldiers. Place : Half-Life 2 , part 7: Highway Instructions : Visible from the slope where Gordon initially discovers the crossbow , there is a billboard during the length.

Utilizing the crossbow’s range, Gordon will see a soldier standing as you’re watching billboard. A fruitful hit will pin the soldier to your billboard, unlocking the success. Instructions : Story-related, also matters to the one-man Army accomplishment see next item. Instructions : Gordon must kill 6 gunships.

There was ample opportunity to do so during the period of the game. Interestingly, within the begin menu achievement development guide, the accomplishment photo has actually a ‘3’ in the upper right rather than a ‘6’ since it seems from the Xbox success menu. Location : Half-Life 2. Instructions : From the point where Gordon encounters the two stranded resistance users until the cliff ahead of the Antlion Guard battle, Gordon should never touch the sand whether or not or otherwise not it causes an Antlion attack.

Area : Half-Life 2 , chapter 8: Sandtraps. Guidelines : When Gordon receives the Bugbait he is able to make use of it to direct the Antlions to attack at opponents. You will see plenty significantly more than 50 of those when you look at the appropriate chapters. The Antlions must kill most of the enemies in the same playthrough associated with the online game in order to get the accomplishment. Guidelines : Gordon must get a toilet in Nova Prospekt using the Gravity Gun and fling it at an enemy, killing all of them.

This could additionally be done in Eli’s Scrapyard when the Headcrab Shell hits, as there clearly was a bathroom nearby. Area : Half-Life 2 , chapter 9a: Entanglement. Area : Half-Life 2 , chapter Anticitizen One. Directions : Gordon must throw grenades to the house windows where Combine snipers are. This might be primarily story associated, however it is feasible to miss out on a sniper and never have the achievement.

Place : Half-Life 2 , section “Follow Freeman! Instructions : Gordon simply has to get any item in a found cache to have it recorded. The caches don’t all need to be found in the exact same playthrough for the game.

Instructions : Using the enhanced Gravity Gun , Gordon needs to choose up 15 bundle soldiers and put all of them into ball generators. Location : Half-Life 2 , section black Energy. Instructions : whenever a Zombine pulls a grenade , Gordon must use the Gravity Gun to grab it and put it. Instructions : whenever, Gordon accumulates a flare, it ignites.

Then, he can run up to virtually any zombie and support the flare against it, causing it to ignite. Gordon may also utilize the Gravity Gun to grab and throw a flare. Each flare must be good for at the very least 2 zombies. You will find three locations with flares in Episode One: Right after the train derailment and just before the elevator in Lowlife , and in a medical facility in Urban Flight.

Gordon must utilize the gravity gun to deflect the dropping dirt before it hits and breaks the elevator. It is easy to miss out on one, it is therefore advised to save lots of after each effective deflection. Guidelines : you can find 2 stalkers during the core room that reset the vitality Ball holders with regards to lasers.

To get the success Gordon cannot kill them, but alternatively needs to go rapidly after loading the 2 ball receptacles being necessary to cross any provided bridge. If effective, the accomplishment is obtained at exactly the same time as Containment, if Containment is not acquired currently. Instructions : Gordon must eliminate 15 antlions utilizing the Gravity Gun to push a vehicle onto an them.

Additionally a great time to get Zombie-que. Instructions : When Alyx holds a sniper rifle , Gordon has to run around and draw opponents out into her view, letting her eliminate them in the place of Gordon. They can utilize the Gravity Gun to eliminate hurdles so she will get a clearer shot also. A reference to Al Pacino’s character yelling “Attica!

Directions : whenever escorting residents from Barney to your train in Exit 17 , Gordon should never allow any of all of them pass away. There are about four trips that must be made without just one citizen demise. You’ll be able to do this while opting for The One complimentary Bullet it simply will not be as easy. Guidelines : From the time Episode One begins, to its conclusion, only 1 shot must be fired. The actual only real shot necessary is a padlock on a fence home.

Gordon should allow Alyx do the majority of the shooting alternatively. Granted at the same time as Escape From City 17 in the event that conditions tend to be satisfied, the achievement is similar to the Zombie Chopper achievement from Half-Life 2 , except so it must be kept up through the entire entire online game.

The rocket launcher, crowbar, grenades, together with Gravity Gun are permitted to be applied.