Royal envoy 3 level 60.Royal Envoy 3 Walkthrough


Royal envoy 3 level 60


Walkthrough Menu.Level 60 – Snowball Fight – Royal Envoy 3 Approach Guide


Mar 03,  · Sample method for Royal Envoy 3 Level 60 (professional mode). Jul 17,  · A play-through of Royal Envoy 3* Expert Level _____Support my focus on channel ) with. Sample strategy for Royal Envoy 3 amount Visit our Game Strategy Wizards site at


Royal envoy 3 level 60.Royal Envoy 3 Walkthrough

Jul 17,  · A play-through of Royal Envoy 3* Expert Level _____Support my run station ) with. Degree 60 – Snowball Fight. Hurdles: Damaged Forestries, damaged Cottage, Glutton, Leprechaun, damaged Bridge. Guidelines: You need 10 Workers to Build the Snow Arena. Tips: With no . Sample technique for Royal Envoy 3 degree see our Game approach Wizards site at

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Walkthrough – Royal Envoy 3 Strategy Guide

Welcome to the Royal Envoy 3 Walkthrough set about an exciting expedition to split the interesting puzzles of history, while establishing new lands when it comes to kingdom! Whether you use this document as a reference whenever things have difficult or as a road chart to truly get you from beginning to end, we’re confident you will discover what you are looking for here.

This document contains a complete Royal Envoy 3 online game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from real gameplay! Develop you discover this information useful while you perform your path through the game.

Utilize the walkthrough selection below to rapidly jump to whatever phase of the game you need assistance with. Don’t forget to look at the Big Fish Games Forums if you discover you may need more help. Enjoy! This walkthrough was created by Playrix , and it is protected under US Copyright guidelines. Any unauthorized usage, including re-publication in whole or to some extent, without authorization, is purely prohibited.

Targets: 6 Cabins, Gold. Resources: Wood, Food, 3 Employees. Cabins create Gold as Basic Lease. Lease seems as Coins. If you do not collect the Rent, the Coins will start flashing and in the end disappear. Notes: In this type of the overall game, you should not select resources to gather them. Just ‘mouse-over’ and they’re going to be gathered immediately. Also, note that Upgraded Houses do not get a ‘Star’ in the front of these, they actually change appearance.

Technique: Build 3 Cabins while you Hire 3 Workers you are in possession of 6. Upgrade each Cabin when it really is built. Build 3 Upgraded Cabins as quickly as employees are available. You’ll attain the Gold Goal before improving the last Cabin is complete. Degree 2. Goals: 5 Workers 4 more needed , silver. Sources: Food, 1 Employee. Hurdles: Damaged Bridges. Tips: to help keep an employee chopping constantly, click on the Trees once again after gathering the Wood. Tricks: Ignore the top right Bridge and three vacant Building plenty.

Do not wait to complete each numbered Step prior to starting the next Tips. Hire 4 Workers you now have 5 employees. Continue Chopping all available Woods. Build Cabins at the earliest opportunity on all Lots. Update all of them as soon as you have actually a free of charge employee and adequate Wood to 25 Wood per Upgrade. Fix center Bridge, then lower-middle Bridge, Wood each.

Overlook the upper-right Bridge. Collect Rent until such time you achieve Gold. Level 3. Resources: Gold, 3 Workers. New Features: Sawmill. Hurdles: 3 damaged Bridges, 1 damaged Cabin. Recommendations: Upgrade Cabins when you can afford it. Do not let Workers remain idle. Tips: Build Sawmill as near to Castle possible, offering quicker trips for employees.

Notes: Building a Sawmill costs Gold and needs 2 Workers. You may need an available Worker to perform the Sawmill and make Wood. Home Upgrades require exactly the same amount of Wood familiar with develop the House, and supply higher Rent 50 percent bonus.

At the earliest opportunity, Hire 1 employee 50 Food. Build 2 Upgraded Cabins and 1 Sawmill. Employ 1 Worker you will have 5. Repair and Upgrade base Cabin. Make Wood at Sawmill. Fix bottom-right Bridge Wood. Recommended: You might choose to Employ 1 or 2 extra employees, nonetheless it’s perhaps not strictly needed. Degree 4. Goals: 1 marketplace, 8 Workers 6 more required , 6 enhanced Cabins. Resources: 2 Workers. Brand New Properties: Market. Obstacles: 3 wrecked Bridges.

Recommendations: Employ 6 Workers. You will need an overall total of 8 employees. Purchase Food as fast as possible, when you’ve got the Gold. Constructing a Market prices Gold and needs 2 Workers. Technique: Choose Food and Chop Woods.

At the earliest opportunity, Hire 2 Workers 50 Food Each, you now have actually 4. update 3 Cabins and Repair Bridge on right Wood.

When you’ve got Gold, Develop Market. Start Buying Food in batches of Hire 2 more Workers reaching 8 Workers Goal. Chapter 2: Sunny Island degree 5. Goals: 5 Cottages 4 more needed , Gold. Resources: Gold, 8 Employees. Brand New Features: Cottages.

Conserve your Gold for reaching the Goal. Notes: Cottages would be the 2nd variety of House, with twice the price of Cabins. Constructing a Cottage costs 50 Wood and 50 Food and takes two Workers. Cottages produce a simple lease of Gold with Upgrade. Cottages also require 50 Wood as well as 2 employees for Upgrading or repairing. Create Wood at Sawmill and fix center Bridge.

Assign 3 Workers to Chop Trees. Repair staying Bridges as Wood becomes readily available Wood each. Continue to Chop Wood. Buy Food and Build Cottages on all staying Lots asap. Repeat Buying Food when you have Gold. Upgrade all Cottages and collect Rent until you have Gold.

Amount 6. Goals: restoration all 8 homes, Food. Resources: Wood, 7 Workers. New Qualities: Forestry. Obstacles: 5 damaged Bridges, 8 wrecked Houses. Tips: Free trapped Workers at the earliest opportunity.

Records: Forestries operate like free Sawmills and create Wood for free but much slow than Sawmills. They are able to employ as much as 2 Workers, and much more Workers Produce Wood faster. Approach: Repair Bridge Wood to the right for the Castle. Assign 2 Workers to Chop Trees. Summon 2 Workers into the Forestry.

Fix 2nd Bridge into the remaining Wood. Summon 2 Workers towards the second Forestry and fix the 3rd Bridge. Summon 1 Worker to the Forestry as soon as 1st Cabin is Restored. Upgrade both Cabins. Buy plus Food when you yourself have the silver.