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How exactly to unlock the Treasure Hunter achievement.Treasure Hunter accomplishment in ONE PIECE World Seeker


ONE-PIECE World Seeker – Treasure Hunter Achievement Guide. (You’ve got to have done the ‘Treasure Map’ sidequest which is a storyline sidequest in section 8). Turtle Map: Amazingly Canyon East Side. Gem location: western of Sapphire Town over the beach in the Turtle-like cave. Mar 20,  · For the record, this is every chest into the game. This consists of people discovered via Treasure Maps plus the 5 every on the two Sky isles. Treasure Maps can be . Sep 08,  · you will find secret side-quests when you get treasure maps, check if there is the following maps. Turtle Map: Amazingly Canyon East Side. Dragon Map: Cannon Island right North. Cloud Map: Aboard the Ship Wreck western of Sapphire Town. Waterfall Map: Luffy’s Sky Island. Pond Map: Aboard the Pirate Ship in Ruby Village. Stepping-stones Map: You will get this for doing the Ghost in a .


One piece world seeker gem map.just how to Complete the initial Treasure Map Mission in One Piece World Seeker – GameSpew

Mar 20,  · For the record, this might be every upper body during the game. This consists of ones found via Treasure Maps additionally the 5 every in the two Sky isles. Treasure Maps can be . Mar 19,  · Take a look at internet site: reduced us on Twitter: on our Facebook: Mar 18,  · Easier said than done, considering the map that One section World Seeker offers you with is vague at best. To find out the map, you will need to access the writer: Kim Snaith.
ONE-PIECE World Seeker – Treasure Hunter Achievement Guide

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Simple tips to finish the initial Treasure Map Mission in One Piece World Seeker

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Languages: English. Guide Index. DLC 4: Employer Rush. Discover Chopper! Complete Main Mission “Discover Chopper! Complete All Main Missions. Or check if you will be missing any resource map sidequests See: ‘Treasure Hunter’ success. Join My Crew! I am only planning to note the absolute most difficult stuff you may be missing.

Information: Sakazuki only shows when you look at the Karma list when you’re at section 15 or Defeat 1, Enemies When you’ve punched adequate opponents you get this success. Takedown Legend Defeat enemies with a Takedown This should come mostly normally, but buying the ‘Consecutive Takedown’ skill would gain you towards this accomplishment to help you take multiple enemies out with an individual takedown.

We’ll Send You All Flying! Defeat 6 opponents simultaneously Its recommended to utilize Gum Gum Elephant Gatling Gun since it has a fantastic scatter, jump into a marine base and beat all of them to a pulp. Marksman Perform 10 important shots See: ‘Sharpshooter’. Sharpshooter Perform critical shots strive for the top doing a critical chance, you can buy the Ranged Attack Gauge, or healing to make this faster. Evasion Expert Perform 30 Perfect Dodges you need to buy the ‘Perfect Dodge’ ability and then you have to dodge as well as you’re about to get struck.

Guard Master Perform 30 Perfect Guards You will need to choose the ‘Perfect Guard” skill and then you need certainly to prevent on top of that while you’re going to get struck. Material Collector Acquire materials as a whole Grab most of the sparkles! We’ll Destroy It! Break objects Smash all the containers! One thing Smells Good! Acquire 20 pirate field meal recipes You will get meals by opening chests and also for completing sidequests.

Really serious Battle Utilize Serious Mode 10 times. Press D-pad ‘Up’ to enter Serious Mode, which uses all your stress. Relentless Perform Relentless 25 times. Aim at an enemys head and make use of an unique move with LB. Enthused Warrior Learn all of Zoro’s Techniques. Challenger Perfect 3 Challenge Missions with Zoro. The description is wrong. You need to complete all 3 challenge missions because of the greatest level.

Then do perfect dodges by hitting group during the correct moment. Nap time! Takedown 20 enemies as Sabo only get behind opponents and hit Square. Chief of Staff Learn all of Sabo’s techniques simplest way is to repeat section 5 until such time you max all abilities.

Mari Place: Amber Harbor Mineshaft. Iris Place: North of Amazingly Cavern. Under 1 moment for 5 movie stars. Load the ‘Cleared Game’ save file and overcome it again and again unless you have got all the abilities.

Honcho Location: Floating Island. MNT 3 Dec, am. Great guide. ArthurTerraYin3 1 Oct, am. I maybe not discover Kuzan in this place, you understand some other area he can appear? Btw on sidemission ”The Swordman missing”, you know what individuals npc i need talk to locate Zoro? Dreki [author] 4 May, pm. Updated, thanks :. Xan K. Yo Dreki. DLC1, for any “buton admiration” task for Zoro.

When it comes to 5 stars you will need 60 and never 70 buttons. Dreki [author] 19 Apr, pm. Noted, thanks. TheStark 19 Apr, pm. Engraving might be bugged. Used to do the process in less than one minute and did not get it. Later, I did it at around 44 seconds and it registered as silver. I believe the timer might be around under 50 seconds or it is bugged. BIGGlive 29 Jan, am. BIGGlive 18 Jan, am.

Dreki [author] 5 Jan, pm. You ought to be in a position to do the Navy Fleet whenever, it had been my final side-quest after having beaten the overall game. Tashigi is actually with Smoker otherwise constantly? I think. Unsure about Lucci ended up being he needed for something? Erenussocrates 5 Jan, pm. Is also indeed there no boss fight area for Tashigi and Lucci? Share to your Steam task feed. You’ll want to register or create a merchant account to achieve that. Check in Create a free account Cancel. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of the respective owners in the United States along with other nations.

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