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Notes of obsession game story


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Oct 12,  · This plan-of-action or “Playbook” as it is labeled, is constructed to mirror something called a woman’s “Obsession Story” – that is a tale Christian unearthed that is basically like a built-in part of the feminine brain. Oct 06,  · today from a gameplay point of view, Notes of Obsession is easy. You eventually discover mysterious sound originating from a creepy as hell music field and when you crank up the box things start becoming turned. Odd symbols start appearing on some other part of furniture strewn about the residence; it boils down to a little bit of a scavenger s: 1. Jun 12,  · Notes of Obsession is a quick scary online game for the Computer. For a brief game, about 30 minutes, it really is therefore incredibly step by step. The stage is the own home and you’re the wife/mom. Doorways are slamming, there’s creepy laughing, and mysterious music on a dark and stormy night. The important points of the house tend to be so painstaking, from designs to your residence household goods, which I was straight away ted Reading Time: 1 min.


Notes of obsession online game story.Notes of Obsession by Creaky Stairs

Steam Community. Notes of obsession is a concealed jewel of a horror game that has been recommended for me by AstraVex – Thank you for any. Jun 07,  · Notes of Obsession is a-game played by Markiplier. Explore the inner functions of madness in Notes of Obsession, a horror game set in a modern, Swedish home. With music package at your fingertips, are you able to survive the night? YOU WON’T SLEEP TONIGHT!! Formal Website. Jun 12,  · Notes of Obsession is a short horror game for the PC. For a brief online game, about 30 minutes, it really is therefore incredibly step-by-step. The stage can be your own home and you’re the wife/mom. Doorways tend to be slamming, there’s creepy having a laugh, and mysterious songs on a dark and stormy evening. The main points of your home are so painstaking, from textures towards the residence knick knacks, which I had been straight away ted Reading Time: 1 min.
Notes of Obsession
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Explore the inner functions of insanity in Notes of Obsession, a horror game set in a modern, Swedish home. With songs package at hand, are you considering in a position to endure the night time? The video game had been made during 10 days, with possessions, noise and songs generated by us. We at Creaky Stairs Studios hope you’ll love this particular online game we have made. Sign in with itch. Highly detailed to the point the spot where you begin to see the the design from the wall surface!

Great game indeed! Game here:. The atmosphere and goal in this video game are really done well! I had a lot of fun trying out this game! Loved it. The game was keeping my interest and tention to your very end.

If only there will be much more. This was a wonderfully terrifying knowledge that was performed fantastically on all fronts through the images, towards the noise, and especially the game play. It is perfect! Thanks for this experience! Among the best games I have played on itchio. I strongly recommend playing it. The illustrations are outstanding and also the storyline is perfect. Great work! I will not lie. After my first in-game demise, I threw in the towel. For reasons uknown, it just creeped me personally away too much and that in conjunction with sleep deprivation had been merely a poor blend for me.

I liked playing this video game loads. It absolutely made me wake up when I recorded this when I just woke up during the afternoon. I’m getting excited about more online game away from you down the road!

If this video game had been somewhat longer, this can literally be on Steam or Epicgames. Such a wonderful experience, awesome polished and engaging tale. I sincerely hope you guys stuck together and are generating even more gaming experiences. This is therefore damn great! A really unique knowledge! Quite interesting mechanics and a fantastic buildup to the ending. Listed here is my playthrough:. Which was a seriously creepy game, especially with all the songs box.

We loved the way the toy vehicle managed to move on it is own once the music played. It is a fantastic game! It appears to be phenomenal and you also’ve handle the keep up with the environment through the whole thing.

Think it’s great!! I’m sure I’m not very initial right here by doing this buuuuuuut right here ya go awesome game though :P. We positively liked this game. The jump scares where perfect rather than also frequent but just enough maintain you in the edge of your chair. Truly liked the whole concept of this, not knowing what an idea would lead to. Fantastic job. Records of Obsession is a great game that appears the test of the time.

You dudes produced this two years ago! I am meaning to play it for about a-year but, constantly put it off. Truly I thought it absolutely was going to be super jumpscarey! I’m glad that even although you get jumpscared and, caught you are able to still overcome the overall game. Eventually I played this game and environment is really amazing here. Spooky even though guess what happens may happen.

Which was a truly terrifying beast, and i recently wish to state the music package ended up being an extremely interesting mechanic that I’d love to see implemented in a bigger work! Notes of Obsession. A downloadable game for Windows. You dudes tend to be allowed to make let’s plays and post all of them everywhere! Discover us at: Twitter Facebook Youtube. Additional information. Status Released Platforms Windows Rating.

Download Download Notes of Obsession 1. Download Notes of Obsession 1. Comments Log in with itch. SwollenEyeGames 20 days ago.

Hoodtastic 23 times ago. Step Vibes times ago. SpaceSloth days ago. AseRebellion days ago. NotAGoodPlayerr days ago. Gedalya2K days ago. SaberGamer days ago. Joey Suliguin days ago. TheBromioGamingYT 1 year ago. Please say you’re making more horror games?!?!!?! Roofbeer one year ago. Kind mechanics and great game overall but I believe the video game should really be darker by default.

OniiChance 1 year ago. Adrionic one year ago. Noob Gamer 1 year ago. Switch Pushin’ Cushion 1 year ago. Better later than never play this game! Thanks a lot man’s, I had an enjoyable experience playing it! Matt and Sarah’s World two years ago. Matt provided this video game a spin a while back and really enjoyed it.

Virific two years ago. Null-Entity a couple of years ago. KeeperOfTheOldLords two years ago. The monster idea is not difficult but really understood and effective.

Really good work! Records of Obsession Full Gameplay Walkthrough. OSCH two years ago. Soreness VIP 2 years ago. AlexVerden two years ago. The Duffin guy 2 years ago. Exactly what a fantastic online game. We enjoyed it quite definitely. Here’s a quick video clip we made while playing:. Raithias a couple of years ago. KDi two years ago. LordofNope 24 months ago. First-Person , free , Horror , house , music-box , realistic , symbols.