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Through the Waypoint Menu, select ‘Save to File ’. Enter a name for any file and click Save. Access the Magellan Conversion Manager by using the begin switch regarding the Windows toolbar. Under “Programs” select ‘Magellan > eXplorist > Magellan Conversion Manager’. Page Preferences. Oct 07,  · But the Magellan eXplorist is a pretty good performer in other areas. It locked in to enough satellites to supply a precise place in around a 3/5. Feb 25,  · below are a few of your favorite suggestions to get the maximum benefit from the Magellan eXplorist GPS with EasyGPS and ExpertGPS, our full-featured mapping computer software. In case you are a geocacher, EasyGPS lets you download geocaching GPX and LOC data directly to your Magellan eXplorist EasyGPS calculates the region of any Magellan GPS track or path, making it an amazing tool for calculating .


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Along with display of this Magellan eXplorist allows you to see what your location is in brilliant shade. With a high-speed USB data port and unlimited data storage capacity via safe digital (SD) card expandability, it is simple to add comprehensive road maps, topo or pond maps from recommended Magellan MapSend software. eXplorist is lightweight and pocket-sized so you’re able to go to you everywhere/5(47). The eXplorist utilizes information from the GPS satellites orbiting our planet to present you with comprehensive information regarding your precise location. Here is the basis your eXplorist will use to offer you the mandatory information to arrive at your location. Gonna a Destination. Feb 25,  · Here are some of your favorite ideas to get the most from the Magellan eXplorist GPS with EasyGPS and ExpertGPS, our full-featured mapping computer software. If you should be a geocacher, EasyGPS lets you download geocaching GPX and LOC data straight to your Magellan eXplorist EasyGPS determines the area of every Magellan GPS track or course, which makes it a great tool for calculating .
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Dining Table Of Contents. Fast Hyperlinks. See additionally: Manual , Quick Reference Manual. Magellan eXplorist Table of Articles. Previous Page. Following Page. For magellan explorist , explorist , explorist , explorist and explorist xl gps receivers 14 pages.

Magellan automobile gps receiver reference manual explorist 83 pages. Page 2 Federal Radionavigation Arrange. Accuracy can certainly be impacted by bad satellite geometry and obstructions, such as for example structures and enormous woods.

Webpage 4 Table of Contents Compass Screen Webpage 5 Table of Contents Routes Page 6 dealing with Files regarding the pc Page 7 Accessories Backlight Turns the display backlight on. Sequences from off to low to high-intensity.

Battery Door Fastener Unscrew to open up electric battery home to set up batteries. Place battery pack as shown and change the electric battery home. Billing the Battery: Important: Charge the battery entirely before very first making use of your eXplorist.

Aided by the cradle open, slip the SD card when you look at the cradle shown in gray. Page Making use of the Explorist utilising the eXplorist The eXplorist uses information through the GPS satellites orbiting our planet to give you with detailed information regarding your exact place. This is actually the foundation that your particular eXplorist uses to offer you the necessary information to reach at your location.

Now that the eXplorist understands where you are, you ought to tell it where you need get. Page Tracing Your Tips utilizing the eXplorist A simpler instance, and something you are able to do at only about any time, is finding your car or truck in that ocean of other vehicles within the retail complex parking lot. Just park your car or truck, move outside and allow your eXplorist calculate your role.

Webpage extra Features utilizing the eXplorist extra Features Your Magellan eXplorist contains most of the features that you would anticipate from a top-quality Magellan-brand handheld navigation product, along with additional to make your outside knowledge more fulfilling.

You have the power to personalize the navigation screens, enabling you to view the details that is very important to you. To stop the eXplorist from becoming turned on accidentally, draining the electric batteries, you’ll want to push ENTER as soon as the business screen is presented.

Press the ability switch. Select Language. Whenever you switch on the eXplorist for the first time, you’re because of the alternative of selecting one of several ten languages that can be used.

Page 19 setting up The Satellite Status display screen will continuously update, and will also be in a position to graphically observe how really your eXplorist is carrying out.

When the eXplorist has adequate information to calculate a situation fix, the Satellite reputation screen is changed using the Map screen. The arrow cursor in the heart of the Map screen signifies your role. Use the arrow joystick to go into the current time. Page Conclusion Conclusion This concludes the original startup procedure for the Magellan eXplorist after the Map screen is shown, you’ve got successfully initialized the eXplorist and therefore are ready to go. Today would be a very good time to become acquainted with the various navigation display screens making use of the NAV switch and to set any tastes that may be distinctive from the factory defaults.

Each screen provides the same information in an unusual structure, providing you the selection of choosing the display screen that best matches your needs. The map scale signal within the bottom remaining corner regarding the chart suggests the relative length between your two end-points of this scale. The info exhibited in the bottom associated with the display provides you with the heading and distance of this cursor from your current place. Webpage Customizing The Map Information Navigation Screens modifying the Map Suggestions the info exhibited at the end regarding the display screen is custom-made to alter what is shown within the two map information areas.

Webpage Displaying Street Information Navigation Screens Displaying Street Ideas It’s possible to choose to show details about the street you’re on rather than showing the two main data fields in the bottom of this show. Use the Arrow joystick to emphasize Customize page. When in land use, land areas are displayed as white places from the display and liquid is shown as blue. The contrary is true whenever chart is defined for marine usage.

This could be useful while viewing really thick aspects of the map where a few of the fine details is almost certainly not required and mess the display. Make use of the Arrow joystick to emphasize Map Setup. Webpage Customizing The Ideas areas Navigation Screens modifying the info Fields The information displayed at the top of the display screen could be customized to information that is crucial that you you.

Page Resetting The Trip Odometer Navigation Screens Resetting the Trip Odometer once you start a-trip and also you desire to capture how far you have got travelled, you will need to reset the trip odometer to zero.

Make use of the Arrow joystick to emphasize Reset Trip. Its on the basis of the file system you are most likely knowledgeable about from making use of your personal computer. Exit the file you’ve got available using the Up One amount option. However, often you will need to customize the POI you might be marking making it simpler to determine later. You’ll be able to replace the symbol, set the visibility, modify the name, and produce a message. The eXplorist offers you two methods for doing that.

You’re able to modify the coordinates of your present place or you can make use of the Cursor mode of the Map screen to pan to your location you intend to mark. While watching the Map screen, use the Arrow joystick to put the eXplorist into Cursor mode. You’ll be able to change the place, but keep in mind that this efficiently is generating a new POI in a brand new place.

When you yourself have created plenty of POIs, you may possibly need to delete any unneessary people so you may more quickly search for a recently created POI. Press MENU. Make use of the Arrow joystick to emphasize Pts of Interest.

During the upper left place regarding the POI Save screen next to the symbol field is a checkbox that suggested if the POI will likely to be visible from the chart. The better you understand tracks and just how to make use of them, the greater amount of pleasure you’ll receive from with your eXplorist. The simpiest and most typical kind of a route is a GOTO path.

Press GOTO. Note: step by step guidelines for looking the POI database are available in the Points of Interest section of this handbook. While watching the Map display, make use of the Arrow joystick, inducing the eXplorist to go into Cursor mode. An instance would be making the dock, motoring over to buoy 1, then your bait watercraft, and lastly to a fishing hot spot. Emphasize Activate Route or Deactivate Path. You are returned to the last viewed navigation screen because of the course selected triggered or deactivated.

If throughout your journeys you intend to miss a number of the legs, you’re able to select the knee that you want to proceed to following. When you’ve got 20 roads conserved, you will need to delete one before you decide to can cause a brand-new one. Use the Arrow joystick to highlight Routes. Detect the file which contains the path you wish to move. The eXplorist will automatically open up the default file.

Page Copying A Route Routes Copying a Route Copying a path tends to make an exact duplicate of a route that will then be modified, saving you time in generating a fresh path that is comparable to an existing path. Another usage should be to duplicate a route and reverse it. Use the Arrow joystick to emphasize Track Log.

Emphasize Active Track. Make use of the Arrow joystick to highlight energetic Track. This does not erase your currently active route; only saves the current active track and adds it to the list of offered track logs. Webpage promoting A Backtrack path Track Logs promoting a BackTrack Route BackTrack channels make use of your active track to produce a route back to the spot where you began, turning around and following the digital breadcrumb path that the eXplorist dropped.

It is strongly recommended that in the event that you plan to utilize BackTrack or even to save the future track log that you ought to clear the energetic track before you start your trip. From here, the path can be edited if required.

Note: Convert to Route can be obtained for both energetic track logs and track logs you have got conserved. This gives you the opportunity to graphically view the track sign. Note: View on Map can be obtained for both energetic track logs and track logs you’ve got saved.

There are three features unique to saved track logs that one can perform: following, reversing, and deleting the track. Make use of the Arrow joystick to highlight any track log you have got previously saved. Page Advanced Features enhanced functions The eXplorist has actually a collection of advanced features that provides you with additional features to enhance the employment of your eXplorist.

Note: Any earlier area computations you did are saved in memory and you will be shown. To create a fresh area calculation you certainly will initially have to delete every one of the POIs from the listing. How to erase all the POIs should be explained after these directions. Make use of the Arrow joystick to emphasize Adv. This is often your active track log or one you’ve got conserved. If you have filled a detail chart from one associated with MapSend Topographic software packages, you can view the straight profile for paths you have created.

Page Using The Simulator enhanced functions utilizing the Simulator whenever eXplorist is put in the simulator mode, it simulates action along a predefined or conserved route.