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Feb 23,  · The ‘Fresh’ version provides more new features and is nearer to what is becoming earnestly developed inside our source rule repository. The ‘Still’ version can approximated Reading Time: 1 min. Might 16,  · Fresh vs still? edit. windows fresh. still. common. asked + Are here any functionality tests regarding LibreOffice? [closed] Fresh install of on Win 7 64 does not begin. [closed] the reason why was we missing an Online enhance? [closed] Where do you conceal on line Updates? . The latest “fresh” type of LibreOffice, suitable for technology enthusiasts, which contains brand new features and system improvements. This version may contain a few aggravating bugs which will be fixed within the next bugfix versions to come. The mature “still” type of LibreOffice, suitable for companies. As such, the version is steady and it is ideal for all users.


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Feb 23,  · The ‘Fresh’ version offers more new features and is nearer to what exactly is becoming definitely created within our resource code repository. The ‘Still’ version can projected Reading Time: 1 min. Feb 08,  · LibreOffice, migliore alternativa a Microsoft Office ma completamente gratis, è disponibili in due versioni. Quale scegliere tra LibreOffice Fresh e LibreOffice However? LibreOffice è la migliore package per l’ufficio gratuita in circolazione ed è molto completa sebbene abbia molte lacune, soprattutto a livello grafico e da sempre la migliore. The newest “fresh” type of LibreOffice, suitable for technology enthusiasts, which contains new features and program improvements. This version may consist of various aggravating bugs which is fixed in the next bugfix versions to come. The mature “still” form of LibreOffice, recommended for companies. As a result, the version is stable and it is suitable for all users.
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The ‘Fresh’ version provides more new features and is nearer to what is becoming earnestly developed in our supply signal repository. The ‘Still’ version can offer higher stability for many folks who don’t need any one of our newest and biggest improvements to LibreOffice.

The naming concern ended up being recently discussed at size in the User email list here. Just a meta-comment, but those that manage the libreoffice website need to add an individual range every single install page determining what differentiates the new whilst still being versions.

I get exactly what “Fresh” means, but “still” doesn’t plainly suggest “steady”. New users receive no separate information on the install pages explaining exactly what the real difference is amongst the two. Trust anastrophe, its an instant turnoff to anyone planning to install. One phrase is all it will take not to make people become right here wondering why a premier free software task can not also fully grasp this right.

Individually associated with naming scheme followed I understand the issues connected , I completely trust anastrophe: all it take is just one sentence on each install page — a tiny financial investment of LO time for any advantage of many many thanks.

I had to google to find out what was meant. Is there a reason to not ever give an explanation for terms? Yet, we deliberately choose to make use of libreoffice. Trust everybody above. You will want to stick to steady in stead of still? And user as an example experimental in stead of fresh. No person makes use of these words still, fresh. Confronting new-people with one of these terms will frustrate them.

Agreed, given that I’m here for similar explanation as everyone else, that is: what’s the difference between Fresh but still?

So yeah, it might be nice having that one phrase. I want some more points before I could just uptick anastrophe’s remark!

Kindly click on the check level to state this replied your concern. The “answer” field is intended for answers to your concern. If you prefer to review, use the “add a comment” link. Libre 3. Fresh install of 3. Installation Failure – New User [closed]. Spell check just works for administrator account house windows not network user accounts [closed]. The reason why can not we forever set availability help? Crash when beginning LibreOffice Portable under Windows 7 x64 [closed]. First-time right here? Check out the FAQ!

Hi there! Fresh or Still? I’ve a Mac OSx device and a Windows 7 machine. Which version should I download? Shut for the following explanation issue is answered, correct response ended up being acknowledged by Alex Kemp close day Komuso — The selection is up to you! Both versions will operate marvelously really on your OSX and Win7 devices. Say thanks to you, that answers my question. Question Tools Follow. Related questions Libre 3.

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