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Jan 27,  · A more proper introduction towards the Magic Spire, with a few tips about which increases to purchase. See for lots more movies, guides, d. Secret Spire Guide Updated. July 18, We’ve updated the secret Spire guide utilizing the new things and modified rates as per version See: secret Spire Guide for King of Avalon. Sep 16,  · Explanation of how I created my farm accounts to attain flooring 10 into the Magic Spire in order for all products during the Spire Loot shop are unlocked. See ui.


King of avalon secret spire.Magic Spire – kingofavalon-guides Webseite!

Mar 05,  · The fine line and balance between making it to a floor high enough to even gather crystals as a successful rate but additionally not getting excessive which you can’t. Sep 16,  · Explanation of the way I created my farm reports to achieve flooring 10 in the Magic Spire to ensure all things during the Spire Loot shop tend to be unlocked. See ui. Jan 27,  · A more correct introduction to the Magic Spire, with some tips about which improves to buy. See for more videos, guides, d.
King of Avalon – Magic Spire Guide Updated
King of Avalon – Magic Spire Guide Updated

Magic Spire Guide. Morgana developed the miracle spire and is also deploying it to mine crystals that may destroy Avalon itself. Merlin plus the woman regarding the pond calls upon all of us to foil her wicked programs. Principal Screen. Your first struggle. If you successfully defeat the monster you can easily enter second floor, this is protected area just like third flooring mines amount 1 and 2, and no one can strike here.

Farming is slowly but safe. As soon as you enter the mining area you will require your very own troops to farm. More info on assaulting into the Crystal Mines. Lord, dragon, gear, gems, study, ads, and purchased advantages will affect all battles within the spire so choose your method wisely. As previously mentioned lost or wounded troops will only impact the march into the spire and not the soldiers in your stronghold, wounded soldiers will soon be put into your recovery time and if your recovery timekeeper reaches a certain level you certainly will not any longer be able to combat or farm.

Magic Spire. Magic Spire Guide Morgana created the secret spire and is also utilizing it to mine crystals which could destroy Avalon itself. Lords and ladies let’s find out about it. The secret spire requires Stronghold amount 16 and is found off to the right associated with the Daily Deliveries Blimp. Touch about it to enter. Principal Screen into the entrance you will find information on your present development, the greatest floor you’ve explored and current mining time. You will also have the choice to redeem your crystals for amazing benefits.

The rewards is limited in numbers and resets everyday. Your first battle in the event that you successfully defeat the monster it’s possible to enter second floor, this is protected area identical to third floor mines degree 1 and 2, and no one can attack there. For every single monster you defeat you can aquire one benefit, choose prudently given that benefits gets stronger for every defeated beast.

Benefits bought during the spire also matters into the mines. When entering the mine, you’ve twenty four hours to farm crystals and each mine takes 10 hours to mine.

The bigger degree floor you are on the more crystals you can get every time. Thoughts is broken in a mine there’s no option to remember your march and you’ll need spend entire time there or reset the spire and that means you will lose current progression and advantages. In the 4th floor mine level 3 or more, you leave the protected area and also this is where it is possible to battle other Lords and Ladies for mines. This occasion is cross kingdom so be careful.

You’ll need your troops together with march size is determined by stronghold, dragon skill and purcashed Spire benefits. However Merlin could save your troops incase of defeat. If you attack and winnings, your adversary will totally lose a percentage associated with crystals they already farmed nevertheless that will not suggest you obtain them. You’re going to get control of the mine and will be there before the time runs out, or perhaps you have assaulted or revenged.

In the event that you drop a mine, you get the choice to revenge and successfully carrying this out will claim straight back the crystals you destroyed. You simply will not be able to reset the spire while occupying mines within the exposed area.

If however you’re assaulted and drop you will be able to reset the spire if you do not reside another mine. More info on assaulting in the Crystal Mines Lord, dragon, gear, gems, study, ads, and bought advantages will connect with all battles within the spire so choose your method sensibly. Once the twenty four hours is up you will be gone back to the very first flooring.