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Might 19,  · Updated: effectiv and inexpensive east roman kingdom army Let me reveal some advices and information to win whilst the Eastern Roman Empire promotion in celebrated. It isn’t the only way to reach success and probab. Login shop Total War: ATTILA > Guides > berber’s Guides. Jan 28,  · No Complete War: Attila. Grand Venture. Playing since the Eastern Roman Empire on Legendary Difficulty. ****** THIS IS CERTAINLY COMPLETE WAR ****** Meaning no god damn peace. Feb 27,  · Before attila was born i had 10 k (and 5 complete pile armies) earnings and also the east was secur and I also was moving on rome. any small faction that still existed I just declared war on and my puppet says performed the others.


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The unit associated with the Roman Empire has actually unshackled the East, and can manage the Roman world. The setting-up of a new administrative center at Constantinople has actually allowed the Eastern Romans to restore the antiquated methods throttling the economy and enfeebling their Emperors. Might 19,  · Updated: effectiv and low priced east roman empire army Here is some advices and information to win given that Eastern Roman Empire promotion in popular. It is not the only way to reach victory and probab. Login shop Total War: ATTILA > Guides > berber’s Guides. Might 01,  · Total War: ATTILA > General Discussions > Topic Details. Yuo better commit sudoku. Apr 28, @ pm Eastern Roman Empire is simply too effortless and broken I started an ERE campaign on very difficult because i desired some challenge, but really, I happened to be incorrect. Very first, we managed to make peace/alliances along with my neighbours.
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Discussions Activity Best Of Check In. Welcome Kindly sign up for complete War Access to make use of the online forums. Check In Enter. Categories February edited April in General Discussion. I am a big lover of the Byzantine Era therefore decided to relax and play ERE, I am playing on hard and I’m on my third round took a couple of goes to understand the rules around illness etc. Anyway, We’m on around AD, I am not having a perfect promotion but here’s my strategy at this point, please feel free to share yours in case you are having more success: Early Game: Stick both your armies when you look at the town to your left of Constantinople, it is fairly scripted that the visigoths attack their first, you can easily defeat them when you protect properly and you should ask them to aside your land within 2 transforms develop your jewel reserves, gold and farms Get WRE to pay for for you yourself to go to war with far flung nations you will not meet until later Play defensive initially by putting your piles on your own eastern and Northern fronts Build a Navy when possible and also have it patrol around Constantinople to intercept any hordes travelling by sea Invest in plenty of fountains when possible, develop up Infantry training grounds to have some tier 2 products quickly, it isn’t simple to specialise, so I’d sugest forgetting archers and use mercenaries alternatively.

Pay attention to hard surface soldiers. When possible, attack the guys appropriate at the end of this chart very early on only past your client condition as they begin to hammer Egypt afterwards.

Also – spies, develop loads, and Sassanids is going to be all over them later on Mid Game: This is how it gets a little tough – it’s to difficult to turtle efficiently while you defintely won’t be able to safeguard each edge. We defended for enough time to obtain 3 complete stack and 3 one half pile armies. When I established offensives into the North, recapturing a number of the lost roman metropolitan areas, and weakening the barbarian tribes around there.

I also launched an offensive resistant to the Sassanids, taking 3 urban centers before We retreated. I’m finding it tough now to juggle my army and cost-effective build up, I am getting around per turn, but the Sassanids and their allies have regroups, and I also may have to withdraw back again to towards my heartland.

I would ike to hear people strategies, and when you’re having even more luck than me personally right now! Article modified by feralspecies on April March edited March fundamentally Macedonia and Dacia factions appeared from rebellions we rapidly made serenity using them and utilized all of them as puppet says and trade partners. Ultimately I recaptured the remainder of Greece and Thrace.

Eventually most of the hordes moved west, that said the Alans attacked in turkey across the ocean and I also needed to divert soldiers to cope with all of them. I finished my Relations with all the West Roman Empire, I only held the trade arrangement, otherwise they drag you into two many wars. We demolished most of the Churches to free up earnings and allow us to transform later on to Roman paganism. We invested heavily during the rest of my empire, particularly the waterworks building to increase development. Then about turn 30 while my soldiers had been returning to the edge after working with the Alans, the Sassanids made a decision to declare war.

A few turns went by I moved my troops to your edge and got bored so I attacked, with my two edge piles. They took the border city killed the Sassanids heir. End change and about 3 Sassanids stacks get rid of my soldiers retake the city, the east edge is wholly defenseless. We spent a great deal of time turtleing and rebuilding my armies using Edessa while the province capital of Palestine as my main points of protection.

After a number of failed attack by both sides the war stalemated. Axum invaded Egypt caused a famine worsened by my conversion, since all of the Roman Pagan religious building need meals within my kingdom we took awhile but we redirected soldiers and drove all of them completely, followed closely by a pricey intrusion of their territory, I increased both their urban centers destroying the faction.

Sooner or later I figured out the Sassanids military’s greatest weakness, Fortified stance we carefully invaded their area from several directions, closing each change with my armies in strengthened stance. The Sassanids would attack and I would destroy all of them simply by holding the forts 6 entrances, making complete use of the protective testudo formation, against numerous piles stopping them from destroying the towers letting them annihilate the adversary missile products.

Right now i will be about 90 turns in therefore the Sassanids residence province may be the brand new front-line, along with the Armenian edge, I’ve made peace with Himyar. And you know what new stalemate but I am thoroughly experiencing the campaign, its an actual challenge not just steam moving the map. Having said that corruption should be toned down quite a bit and their Horse archers want Parthian chance but other than that its good at this point.

Dr Zoidberg “We fight over matters of honour, and whether or not abbreviations count in scrabble. Have actually you attempted the historically accurate method of dropping literally the complete empire with the exception of Constantinople, retreating behind the impregnable wall space of Constantinople although the enemy manages to lose thousands of guys fruitlessly banging their heads contrary to the Theodosian Walls, then re-taking most of the lost land if the enemy reaches their weakest, often during a brutal succession crisis?

When you convert into paganism, so why do you develop their temples? You will get a great deal of paganism impact through public purchase buildings in huge places. Exact same strat i utilizing safe to begin with.

Their puppet states today become YOUR puppet states and also the once that dont will quickly up to become your puppet state.

Because you happen to be at war with a half dozen factions these puppet says will soon become close friends because the puppet says are now at together with your enemies too and trade to you too. Before attila was created i had 10 k and 5 full pile armies income and the east was secur and i was progressing rome. I cannot worry The importance of puppet states in this game. Yeah you need to Loose some borders and get brand new Client states to safeguard other individuals. I hate ERE promotion.

It senseless Grind for me personally an I had a Game over like circumstance if the huns atacked anatolia with 3 piles just 15 becomes the overall game while sassanids declared war on me personally. WRE never have that variety of unexpected trouble surges.

ERE has actually nowwhere going apart from the Islands. Turtling anatolia may be doable but needs at least 3 Fleets and 3 armies. April edited April I’m not going to phone this a method, since I’m yes it absolutely was even more luck than actual tact, nonetheless it worked.

Well, as a result of sassanids declaring war on me early, I had to quickly begin wanting to desperately fortify my eastern edge. Which will make matters worse the WRE decided to break connections beside me. All this before advertisement. The thing I did was get around the 3 sassanid stacks and create a dash to subjugate them hoping they might accept a peace pact if I took their money. They when you look at the mean-time moved into anatolia.

After they noticed the thing that was happening, I was already besieging ctesiphon, by then my causes were effortlessly two turns far from theirs.

My empires belly ended up being wide open, but so had been theirs. Luckily all they did was sack. In order to make yes they’dn’t make the land, once We left i might raze the land a turn once I had occupied and sacked it, great money maker early. Listed here is the fortune part of this, someplace in the center of this push the WRE, after getting into a ridiculous quantity of wars, decides that they want to become my puppet state.

I fill my two army stacks and go to finish off the majority of the sassanids land then subjugate them. In doing so We have the sassanids and all their puppet states plus the WRE and all of their puppet states as my puppet states.

All of this before addressing AD. We only had a need to get 5 more technologies to acquire the first minor victory. We usually do the following. I’ve played ERE campaign twice already. Typical and hard -Group your armies in Macedonia and Thrace in town next to Visigoths. Defeat them and chase all of them straight down next turn.

Both stacks -Gift SE tiny presents every change till on green status. It prevent AI from thinking you’re poor -break defensive alliance with WRE -raise one full bunch straight away and delivered to north Thrace in fortified place. You have got no opponent. We had 7 complete piles next to SE by advertising. If you steam role SE before they’re able to send their stacks, your client says will end up fighting the other person The key to ERE may be the first 10 turns or so. Beating Visigoths in change two is crucial, maintaining peace with SE and serenity pact with Huns.

You do that and also you win. That which we want, we readily believe, and everything we ourselves think, we imagine the others believe additionally Veni, Vidi, Vici Julius Caesar.

Im playing on renowned as ERE atm, on year about. The exact distance from a good get a handle on to aggony is by about 2 transforms just. I acquired 6 armies like by 1,7k men each, Sassanids pretty knocked aside, some client states are away also, several of mine client states declared war on myself, the others not, WRE has actually becomed my customer condition btw, by his request Visigoths destroyed from turn 2, Huns are on WRE’s lands primarily.

Before I happened to be utilizing to combat like a few huge battles per change, now i have to sit back and watch how all young men are making partyes to my places. Almost certainly the campaign is compromised. Gold income is still large, by 26k per change.

GWImperius blogged: ». I have my army alliance with western Rome; can I break that? They truly are getting positively hammered, as usual. Vienna only got razed, and pretty much every tribe is in their lands. Could it be well worth helping them completely at all or perhaps allow them to fall? I have played my cards similarly. We made peace because of the Huns in the beginning, and they are only up north razing everyone.

I’m currently exchanging utilizing the Sassanids and hitched a daughter off to them. We destroyed the Ghassanids together with Alans, and subjugated the Gepids. Both the Visigoths and Ostrogoths ran off west before I could beat all of them, however. There is one bit that has altered because the OP ended up being made. Today, Goths don’t attack the “city into the remaining” of Constantinople if there is a significant Roman military there.